FAQ Friday! - February 2nd, 2018 Edition

Posted by Kristel Knabenschuh on

It's #FAQFriday!  A new feature for us, and we're happy to post our FAQ's here every week.  If you have a question you'd like answered, or would like some clarification on things posted here, please drop us a line!

Q1: Do you sell other computers not listed on this site? Gaming laptops, CHEAP REFURBS PLZ (under $200), etc.  OR Could you get me something specific?

A1: Yes, we do and yes, we can!  If you're looking for a gaming laptop, or something else that requires specific specs, please contact us directly.  As for our inexpensive refurbished computers, they tend to move very quickly and for the time it takes to key in all the specs and put it online, it could already be sold!  It's just plain difficult to keep up.  However, we get them in ALL THE TIME, so if you're looking for a $200 or less refurb, please contact us directly!

Q2: Can you get me <insert computer part here>?

A2: Probably.  Depends on what it is and what you're looking for.   A new power cord & adapter for your notebook?  Shouldn't be a problem.   More RAM for your 2-year-old desktop?  Most likely.  If it's something like a hard drive for that Windows 98 laptop that you're still holding on to, most likely not.  Best to just contact us directly with what you're looking for.

 Q3: What kind of services do you offer?

A3: We do a little of everything - diagnostics, virus/malware removal, networking, computer/software setup & repair, training, website design & support, data backup & recovery, and more!  We only offer these services on-site and out of our offices in Guelph & Harriston, Ontario and surrounding areas.  However, we're happy to fix anything shipped to us!  You can read more about our services here.

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