FAQ Friday! - Feb 9, 2018 Edition

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Being that we offer IT support, we receive a lot of similar questions a fair amount of the time.  So with that in mind, we thought for this week's #FAQFriday we'd answer a few of those questions.  As always, if you're stuck feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to help you out!

Q1: Help!  My computer won't turn on!

A1: So not really a question, but one we hear a lot.  The first thing to do is check the power cord.  Is it plugged into the wall?  Into the computer?  If there's an adapter in the middle, check that its connection is snug as well.  This may seem obvious, but check to make sure there's power going to the outlet and the power bar it's plugged into as well.  If that fails, some computers have a red sliding switch or a red or black button on the back near where the power cord plugs in.  Try sliding/pushing that.  If it *still* won't turn on, give us a call!

Q2: Why isn't my email working?!

A2: The first thing to check is that your computer is on the internet.  Look for the icon in the taskbar and if it has an x through it or not.  You can also just bring up any website in your browser - if it loads, you're good.  If you're on the internet and your computer still won't send/receive emails, check with your ISP or Network Administrator to ensure that your e-mail server isn't encountering any issues.

Q3: Can a virus damage my computer hardware?  (OR something to the effect of: Is [this virus I had] the reason why my printer won't print anymore?)

A3: Short answer: No.  Long answer: Computer viruses are software on your computer that basically cause issues with other files, data, and software on your computer.  They can share your files or data with others over the internet, delete files, change files (including your computer registry), add files... and just generally cause issues with the data specifically on your computer.  So while it's possible the configuration settings changed for your printer (or it's missing from your device list), the virus itself cannot damage it.  If you had a virus and you now have issues with your printer, speakers, monitor, etc. it is not due to the virus, just a coincidence.

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